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Work with a Top Interior Painter in the Cedar Rapids, IA Area

A good coat of paint can really enhance your home’s interior. If you’re near Cedar Rapids, IA, then contact an interior painter for expert service. At AustinShoey Painting, we can provide you with fantastic service and amazing results. Our painting company is reliable, experienced, and ready to assist with your needs.

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When we handle your interior painting, we’ll begin by masking off everything in the painting area to ensure it’ll be protected. This includes covering the floors, masking off the time, and covering any furniture. Once that’s done, we’ll remove any faceplates, outlets, switch covers, and anything else that might get in the way of painting. If there’s something that can’t be removed, we’ll tape the area off to protect it.

Every wall will be checked over to any holes, dings, or chips, which will then be spackled or filled with joint compounds. If the repairs are particularly large, we’ll also retexture the area to match the existing walls. Once that’s done, we’ll get to work. Each wall will get a bare minimum of two coats to ensure quality. We use Sherwin Williams paint—one of the highest quality options available—so you can be sure that you’ll get outstanding results.

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When you get home interior painting services from one of our local painters, you’re guaranteed to get fantastic results. If you’re near Cedar Rapids, IA, then consider calling today to speak to an interior house painter and learn more.

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